Bioest 2015: subscription is open

Dear friends

Finally we can open the enrollment for Bioest 2015.

We apologize again for the unwanted delay but the joint organization of an event has brought not only stimulation but also innovations that resulted in delays and difficulties we have not yet managed to completely solve them, but being necessary to move on we will solve remaining small issues during construction.

Basically two innovations show up in this year’s event:

  1. BIOEST introduces INES (Incontro Nazionale Economia Solidale = National Meeting of Solidarity Economy). The two events join together for a big party in which to participate all exhibitors should pre-register on their website.

  2. The date of the event has been moved to June 20 / 21, and this will affect the exhibition schedule. We will delay the closing of the stands till 23.00 hours, as it is unlikely to have public attendance in the hot afternoon hours. This will request night lighting for all exhibitors, fact that will result in a small participation surcharge. We are not yet able to quantify the surcharge (we hope to keep it within 10-20 )

Now that we have explained the situation, we sum up procedures to continue:

  1. Make your pre-registration to INES at the following address:
  1. Download the new forms from the Bioest site and fill them up in every part. Old forms will not be accepted.

  2. Send completed forms and requested documents as usual and not later than coming April 30.

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation and look forward to your registration and participation..

The Board